CDL Traffic Tickets NY

As a commercial driver, you have an important job that requires a specialized license. Your CDL license is essentially your certification to do your work, and you know that you are unable to do your job without it. So if you receive CDL traffic tickets in New York, you will need an experienced attorney at your side.

Every commercial driver knows that getting a traffic ticket can be detrimental to their job, and can even prevent them from being able to work. Those who obtain CDL licenses in New York face stricter restrictions than regularly licensed drivers. Breaking any of the restrictions and guidelines can lead to a number of potentially devastating consequences for commercial drivers, including CDL suspension and occasionally, revocation.

It is imperative that all commercial drivers understand the ins and outs of CDL traffic tickets in New York.


It goes without saying that the best thing to do is to avoid violating CDL restrictions altogether. However, anyone who does receive a CDL violation, needs to know how to deal with them. Realize that if you get a CDL violation, it is very unlikely that you will avoid the repercussions, although hiring an experienced traffic attorney may help in some cases.

If you do hire an attorney, a common defense may be useful. If your attorney uses the defense that you were not notified that license suspension would occur if you failed to submit a breathalyzer test, and that you would have submitted your test if you had known, it is likely that suspension will be removed.


In New York state, anyone driving a vehicle over 26,001 pounds must have a commercial driver’s license. If you are caught driving without one, you could receive a fine of $5,000 or jail time. It’s also important to know that you are only able to have one type of license, so make sure that you surrender your regular driver’s license when you receive your CDL.

There are a number of restrictions that accompany a CDL. Take the time to learn about them so that you don’t unwittingly break them and face suspension or revocation.

● Failing to stop at a stop sign.
● Fleeing an accident scene.
● Driving recklessly.
● Running a red light.
● Causing a fatal accident
● Driving with a blood alcohol level of .04% or greater.
● Driving a commercial vehicle without the right CDL.
● Refusing a breathalyzer test.
● Speeding by 15 mph or more.
● Lane changes that are unsafe or illegal.
● Tailgating.
● Violating the restrictions of the New York Transportation laws.

Many of the restrictions that are in place for commercial drivers are actually considered crimes if broken. These violations can end up landing you in jail.

Before getting a CDL, it’s important to understand the severity of violating restrictions. Ensure that you are clear on restrictions and that you have the ability to keep the law. However, if you violate, our team at Traffic Ticket NY is here to help you.

Our expert team of traffic attorneys is highly skilled in CDL violations and will help you from beginning to end. We will walk you through the process and won’t stop fighting for you.


As a commercial driver, you are held to a much higher standard than regular drivers. While restrictions are stricter, penalties are typically much steeper. Instead of simply paying a fine for receiving a ticket, commercial drivers are subject to CDL suspension or revocation. This can be devastating for commercial drivers who depend on their CDL in order to make a living.

However, if you receive a ticket, you won’t necessarily lose your license. By hiring a great traffic attorney, you will receive an expert defense from someone with your best interest in mind.


In New York, your license will be suspended if you receive 11-points within 18 months. With a CDL, you also face suspension if you receive two or more serious violations within a three-year timeframe.

A single speeding ticket will stay on your CDL record for three years.

If you receive a speeding ticket for going at least 15 mph over the speed limit, the State of New York considers it a serious violation. If you receive two or more serious violations within three years, your license is likely to be suspended.

Any DUI can lead to a one-year suspension of a CDL. However, if you are driving your personal vehicle when the DUI occurs, your suspension will only last for 90-days.