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Did you receive a traffic violation in NY State? Perhaps a speeding ticket, cell phone violation, running a red light or any other moving violationBefore you plead guilty and pay a fine, talk to one of our attorneys to discuss your case.  We will work to reduce the charge, fine, and impact on your insurance. 

Don't pay that ticket until you speak with us!

When you hire the Law Office of James Lynch and Associates to represent you, in nearly all cases – you do not have to show up in court. An experienced attorney who knows the judge and prosecutor shows up for you. 

Our track record demonstrates our ability to reduce moving violations.  So much so – if we cannot reduce the points on your ticket, your retainer will be refunded. 

The results we get help to reduce or eliminate points on your license and the impact on your insurance premiums.

If you're a New York driver, an out of state, or even Canadian driver who received a ticket in one of these counties, contact us before paying that ticket!

Our Attorneys Handle Traffic Violation Cases in all of these New York Counties