How to get your traffic ticket dismissed

Traffic tickets can be expensive and very inconvenient. There are times when we can deal with them alone. But sometimes getting a traffic ticket dismissed is not so easy. If you’ve got a traffic ticket that just won’t get resolved by itself, you should call The Law Office of James Lynch & Associates.

Several options are available when you use an attorney to fight your traffic ticket. A judge can dismiss a traffic ticket for any number of reasons, but your best chance to get a dismissal is to have a qualified traffic ticket attorney do the arguing for you. After you call your lawyer, consider these three ways tickets are most commonly resolved.

Incorrect Information on Your Traffic Ticket

Police officers are humans just like the rest of us. The information they write down on the ticket isn’t guaranteed to be correct 100 percent of the time.

Police officers have been known to make mistakes about many things, and you should challenge the information with the help of a lawyer if you feel it was faulty.

To prove that information was incorrect as it applies to your case, you need to do several things. First, understand exactly how the information applies to you legally. This should be very specific, but you’ll need your lawyer’s help with this part.

Next, you should challenge any evidence that you know is wrong. Sometimes officers aren’t reliable witnesses. This is unfortunate, but you can always set the record straight with a lawyer if need be.

They may have contradicting photographs, or you may be able to provide other evidence such as a diagram of your car’s location.

It’s important that you understand the rules of evidence in court if you want to challenge incorrect information. Make sure that your lawyer sees everything and that you share every detail with them as you set the record straight.

Proof of Faulty Equipment

Radar equipment isn’t perfect, and neither is the way they are used. If you need a lawyer to prove that the radar equipment was faulty, you should always take this route.

If you received a speeding ticket, you can question the radar record on your ticket, and you can also ask to have the codes checked on the radar gun. These guns have to be checked often and maintained. If there is a question of how well they were maintained or if the codes are correct, you may be able to get out of the ticket.

In addition, you can ask about the officer’s record when it comes to stopping people with radar. You can question their accuracy and whether or not they actually used the radar gun to determine your speed.

You can also ask questions about whether or not the officer was trained in the use of radar and if the radar was on their car or hand-held.

You can also ask to have your own vehicle checked. If you feel that your speedometer was faulty, you can ask to have that fixed and show that you were unable to tell that you weren’t adhering to the speed limit.

Some people also get tickets from the automatic cameras on traffic lights.

Occasionally, red light cameras don’t flash correctly. If you know that you weren’t in error, don’t be afraid to point out faulty equipment to a judge. No one has the right to ticket you because they used faulty equipment.

Defensive Driving Class

The other main reason people’s speeding tickets are dismissed is that the officer doesn’t show up to a hearing. However, this isn’t something your lawyer has any control over. The top option that you and your lawyer do have control over is going to defensive driving class.

Defensive driving class is a good option for getting your traffic ticket dismissed. You will learn a lot that will ideally help you avoid tickets in the future. This is an important step if you’ve gotten more than one ticket.

Defensive driving class is a good option for nearly everyone, but it especially makes sense in the case of someone who is having problems with traffic tickets and didn’t have a good driver’s education.

Unfortunately, some people learn to drive by the seat of their pants. If you know you’re on thin ice with a judge who doesn’t seem sympathetic, you should seriously consider this option with your lawyer. It can save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.

Be Prepared and Polite

In all cases, you need to avoid a breakdown in court. Remember that everyone is probably upset. Show up well-dressed and ready to speak articulately, even if you know the ticket is a serious one.

Putting your best foot forward will go a long way with the court. Remember to follow the legal advice of your lawyer at all times. The easiest option is always if the officer doesn’t show up, but no one has control over that.

You will have a little work to do now that you’ve gotten a ticket that won’t go away on its own, but you can do it with some help. If you are polite to everyone in court and willing to cooperate, it will go a long way toward a dismissal.

And your chances of getting your ticket dismissed should increase when working with an attorney like the team at James Lynch and Associates.